The Pulse - Video Training On The Rise

Many companies, large & small, are taking their training online.  We saw this one coming but couldn’t have ever predicted how quickly this trend would turn the corner. 

There are MANY factors forcing companies to reevaluate how much they pay professional trainers, the inflated costs of travel, the time spent presenting information, and how much value the trainees are truly taking away from in-person training experiences.

I truly believe there is still some value with in-person training for some people and organizations. However, this in-person value is rapidly evaporating due to the advancements in technology.  It’s now affordable to build a LMS (Learning Management System), plug videos into it, and create an online learning environment where employees, prospects, and clients can quickly and easily download large quantities of information (into their brains).  And not only that…they can retain it. 

With a strategically crafted message, onscreen text, and visuals to bring a message to life it makes learning enjoyable, maximizes the chances of the information resonating with the viewer, and optimizes the amount of information they will retain. 

So, why wouldn’t you move all your training online?  Well, often times it boils down to 2 factors: time & money…just like everything else.  In this case, it’s taking the time to evaluate the costs of an in-person trainer versus an online training platform and getting past that initial sticker shock to understand the long term return on investment. 

An online learning platform can cost tens of thousands of dollars up front…especially if you need a custom LMS.  However, there are plenty of pre-made platforms that provide a good starting block and you can compare that with the expenses of hiring a quality professional trainer.

In-Person Trainer:
* Annual Travel + Expenses - $15K to $25K
* Annual Salary + Benefits - $100K

Online Training:
* Online Learning Platform - $15 to $20K
* Videos - $100K (10 to 20 professionally produced)

It seems like a somewhat even comparison at first but if you think about how much more information the trainees will retain when they can watch videos over & over (depending on their learning ability), the ease and joy of learning in their own venue, and that the LMS essentially pays for itself after 1 year, you’ve made a GREAT long term investment.  It’s what we call a “no-brainer” :)

Let us know when (not if) you’re ready to discuss how to move your training online.  It’s truly just a matter of time before we look back and say “Can you believe we used to actually send “people” out to do our training?”.

Matt Adams

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