Success Story - RootX

Success comes in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes it’s as simple as a client being amazed by the difference between their current experience versus a previous experience working with another business.  This is where Gusto thrives…in helping clients to experience another level of service and setting them up for success.  This was the case with one of our newest clients, RootX.

“The experience with Gusto was a good one. Everyone is very punctual and communication was excellent.
The final product did meet our needs and I was very pleased with the results.”

“I could tell he (Johnathon - Gusto Creative Director) was giving this his 100% effort to communicate what I had in mind for the video and the message that we wanted to convey.”

“I can not think of any recommendations (of what to change). It seems like Gusto has a well-oiled machine working that can produce a video in a timely manner.  There’s nothing worse that trying to start a project and it taking months and months to develop.”

“I would tell people to be prepared to move fast (this is a good thing). Having worked with live video production companies in the past on our live action videos and various other companies on various projects, you get used to suggesting things and waiting a week or weeks for results. With you guys, it seemed like everything happened in hours or a day at most.”

Jarret Jackson

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