Behind The Scenes - The Narrator Difference

Casting a professional narrator is one of the most important parts of your video production. And at Gusto, we don’t just toss a bunch names in a hat and draw one at random. We use science! Neuromarketing science. Which studies how marketing content impacts us at the most fundamental lizard-brain level where consumers make their decisions. While our cerebral cortex is the domain of coordinated logical thought, humans are instinctively driven by deeply programmed mental triggers and emotional influencers that occur at the most primal levels. When it comes to buying and decision-making in the moment, the Lizard King still rules. This impacts your narrator selection in more ways than you might imagine.

Studies show that, in non-gender specific subjects (so—not makeup or muscle cars), our lizard brains are wired to listen more closely to—and retain more information from—members of the opposite sex. This means that if you know your audience is predominantly male, you would be wise to cast a female narrator and vice versa. Of course, gender isn’t the only primal trigger your animal ear responds to. The male voice inherently signals confidence, dominance, and power. While the female voice carries greater emotional range, urgency, and soothing qualities. This means that if you’re trying to persuade people that your global security firm will keep them safe, you want a confident male voice. If you’re trying to motivate your audience to donate to help cure cancer, or save puppies, you want a compassionate female.

But of course, every video, and audience is unique. Which is why our creative director works with you to make the best casting choice for your target market and messaging needs. Because, after years of practice and thousands of clients, we’ve learned what the lizard likes.

Johnathon Allen
Creative Director

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