The Shopping Guide to Explainer Videos

As the buzz around video marketing continues to grow at an explosive rate and the data continues to prove that it’s the most effective medium for communication, the options for producing videos are growing as well. Finding the right video solution for your needs can be frustrating and confusing.  So, we thought it might help to share some of our competitive research with you to expedite your search and make your life easier.

Yes, we’re taking a risk in making you aware of some of our perceived competitors but we’re confident that this will ultimately help you understand your options and find a solution that is best for YOU. 

Most business decisions are dictated by budget.  So, we’ve broken down your video marketing options into 3 categories: Professional Videos, Budget Videos, and Do-It-Yourself Videos.  Here you go…

1. Professional Videos – If you truly want to engage your audience and maximize your chances of getting them to take action then you need to do it right.  Cutting corners on messaging and visual quality will get you recognized as unprofessional and an amateur. And you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Here are some of the top video options (for businesses willing to provide pricing) on the market today…

Gusto - $4K to $10K (
Yum Yum - $7K to $15K
Explainify - pricing starts at $12K
Demo Duck - $15K to $40K

PRO: It’s the most professional and effective solution
CON: It might cost more than you think.

2. Budget Videos - Most videos that are produced for under $5,000 don’t include experienced script writers, high level designers and animators, or project management to maintain a fast workflow.  Or they’re cutting corners by outsourcing to creative shops overseas.  You might also find inexperienced individuals working out of their basement or an amateur designer who can create some nice visuals but has limited experience in developing an engaging, powerful, and professional message. 

It might take longer to find the right talent (and to finish your project) but here are a few places to start if your budget is limited…

* I didn’t include pricing for these solutions since there’s such a wide variance of talent and pricing.

PRO: You get a lower price point (in most cases) but it’s at the expense of quality (get what you pay for) 
CON: The absence of a professional production process means it will take much longer than you think and there’s rarely any strategic methodology behind your message or visuals.

3. Do-It-Yourself Videos – If you have a creative mind, a lot of patience and you’re willing to learn how to use a new video creation software program then this can be the most economical approach.  However, you do have to perform all the heavy lifting yourself.  You will also be limited in visual options (graphics & animation).  Here are some online options to consider…

Magisto - $60 to $420/year
Biteable – Free to $99/year
Goanimate - $300 to $1,000/year

PRO: It’s low risk (low cost) and you get to learn something new (how to use a new software tool)
CON: It might look unprofessional, damage your brand credibility, and be a waste of your time

Video continues to reign supreme in the digital era. Data shows it’s what consumers prefer
most. Which is why you should absolutely be looking at how it fits into your strategic
marketing program. And regardless of what option you choose for production, we hope
this information is helpful. We pride ourselves on being thought leaders in the market
place and we’re always willing to help you meet your goals—whatever they are.

Please let us know if you have questions or need further insights on how to find the best possible video and messaging solution for your business.

Matt Adams
Gusto | Founder

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