Social Media Videos - Length Matters

As video demand grows the social networks are shifting their focus and making it easier to post videos on their platforms.  We’ve had many people ask us a variety of questions around this subject and took it upon ourselves to collect the information and put it in one place.  I suppose they call that “research” but it’s so easy to find anything on the internet these days I don’t really think of it as research like the old days.  Yeah, I just dated myself a bit…but I’m OK with that.

“What is the maximum video length for social media?”
* SnapChat – 10 seconds
* Instagram – 60 seconds
* Twitter – 2 minutes & 20 seconds (pro publisher tools allow 10min)
* LinkedIn – 10 minutes (personal profiles only – not business ads…yet)
* Facebook – 45 minutes
* YouTube – 12 hours (the default is 15min but this can easily be upgraded

“What is the best social network for me?”
Well, this all depends on what you’re trying to achieve and which social media platform your friends, family & customers are most familiar with.  However, there are some general suggestions if you’re just getting started.

• Instagram – quickly post vacation & daily activity pictures to keep friends & family involved in your life.
• Facebook - larger space to post vacation & daily activity pictures, stories, videos and other interesting information that paints a collage of your life.
• YouTube – post personal, how-to, humorous or other entertaining videos to share with the world.
• Twitter – post something short & interesting that relates to your life in that moment that you think might be interesting for your followers.
• SnapChat – quickly post funny or interesting snippets of video, imagery or other information that you want a group of people to view within a short window of time.

• LinkedIn - Establishing a business presence, work history & references that position you as a business professional and speak to your experience level and industry qualifications.
• YouTube – business dependent but can be helpful in promoting your business or using as an educational platform for organizations that need to train or educate their employees & clients.
• Twitter – Use this platform to quickly share helpful information you find in your industry research that could benefit or help educate your prospects & clients.
• Instagram – business & industry dependent but could be used to share imagery, videos, and other information to promote your business & educate your target audience.  It’s growing popularity could justify paying for advertisements as well.

I hope this information was helpful and proved to be worthy of your reading.  We appreciate you taking the time to check it out.  Please let us know if you have other questions we can address for you.

Team Gusto

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