Holiday Wish List

All I wanted for Christmas was for my business to be successful in 2018 and not have to worry where I’m going to find my next customer.  Is that too much to ask?  Is there any way to get customers to seek US out instead of feeling like we’re searching every corner of the market and coming up empty?  Or is that a pipe dream?  We truly have an amazing business, incredible people, and pride ourselves on providing the best bang for your buck in our industry.

OK, if this is something on your wish list then let’s make those dreams come true. Maybe a checklist would help to make sure you’ve got all the right pieces in places to take that business to the next level.  Here you go…

Branding - make sure your logo, color schemes, fonts & design elements are all consistent and resonate with your target audience.

Powerful Message – establish the best way to tell your story and position that on the front lines of all your marketing efforts.

Explainer Video  – the quickest and most powerful way to get your target audience to understand what you do is through video.  If properly done it can be used in MANY ways and drive more sales.

Website – without a website most businesses don’t look legitimate.  Without a relatively new website, business look stale and lose a potential customers’ trust very quickly.  It’s just as important (if not MORE important) than your physical store front (in most cases) these days.

Strategic Content – good content strategy can be a game changer for a business.  Good web content can make or break persuading a potential customer to take action.  Don’t cut corners here.

SEO – the formula for Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing and it’s important to find an agency that has their thumb on the pulse of where it’s going and the experience to create a plan that meets your specific needs.

Social Media – not every social media platform is relevant to every business but if you’re customer’s eyeballs are there then this can be an incredibly effective way of introducing your services and educating your potential clients.

LMS (Learning Management System) – online learning platforms are a great way to educate your prospects and clients.  However, they’re not for everyone. It’s truly for those that are taking their business to the upper level of innovation and creating an amazing customer experience…which ultimately generates more business and happy customers.

You might not need all of these tools for your business to be successful but if you’re not reaching all of your goals then this is a great place to start.  Make sure you’re doing everything you can in each of these categories by connecting with a proven marketing team that can guide you toward that pie in the sky…and make your wishes come true.

Start planning for 2018 now.  If you need further guidance, here’s some additional information that might help:

Happy New Year!
Team Gusto

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