Behind The Scenes - Secret Sauce

There are literally THOUSANDS of talented individuals, agencies and video production houses all over the world that can produce nice looking videos.  We sincerely respect those talents and believe we’ve garnered a great deal of respect with our creative teams’ design & animation skills from others as well.

However, what truly sets Gusto apart is our experience and ability to craft a powerful message using proven methodology and creative storytelling techniques. 

We can’t give away the secret sauce and training you how to do what our team does is virtually impossible due to their level of experience and natural born creative skills.  BUT, we’d like to give you a sneak peek behind the curtain to understand (and appreciate) the the power of messaging and why you shouldn’t cut corners if you truly want to be successful.

All of our scripts are completely customized around our clients’ target audience, their objectives with that audience, and where they plan on engaging them with their video(s).  However, here are a few of the common pieces to the puzzle when you’re writing a powerful business message…

1. Grab Attention
2. Build Relevancy
3. Diffuse Objections
4. Create Pain Points
5. Resolve Pain
6. Introduce Features & Benefits
7. Strong Call-to-Action

Again, these are the basic steps that outline how our messaging team approaches most of our scripts depending on what we find in our Discovery Process. It’s not a template that you can use to write your own scripts but perhaps it will lend some insight to the importance of keeping things simple for your own clients when you’re introducing a new concept, product or service. 

99% of what we do at Gusto is help organizations take their complicated, complex or unique messages and turn them into simpler and more powerful messages that inspire their prospective audience to take action.  As Mark Twain once said, “If I had more time I’d write you a shorter letter”.  The most common challenge in marketing is getting the right people to understand why they should take the time to learn about your business.  So, why not build a bridge over that river of resistance and get them excited to knock on YOUR front door?

Videos are the bridge to our future!  At the very least, you should give Gusto a call to get a peek into YOUR future.

Thanks for reading.

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