PowerPoint Is Dead

Not so fast! 

You’ve probably heard of it…but do you know the level of this tool’s capabilities…and how much impact it can have on your business?


PowerPoint is a dangerous tool because anyone can use it. The problem is that subject matter experts (i.e. inventors, marketing/sales teams, passionate CEOs, etc.) have a wealth of information to share but weak design and messaging skills. This creates the glut of text-heavy, graphically bland slideshows that have given PowerPoint a bad name. This problem is compounded by the fact that when you’re doing a live presentation you have a valuable opportunity: A captive audience.


You’re also likely trying to sell a pitch or motivate your audience to take action while standing in front of a large screen. The stakes are higher. Powerful visual communication matters. A poorly designed, uninspired slideshow not only damages your brand credibility, it can instantly sink your pitch. Having a visually strong presentation that looks amazing and communicates clearly is crucial to success. This makes investing in a professional PowerPoint a no-brainer (for the same reasons you hire a professional to handle your website).


Allowing a messaging expert to help sharpen your message in collaboration with you and an experienced designer who can handle the graphics, layout, and animations radically improves your presentation’s impact and adds a level of professionalism people take seriously.


Let Gusto put the POWER in your PowerPoint.

[Our final deliverable is an animated PowerPoint for live presentation and a web-friendly (non-animated) PDF version that can be sent around via email or posted on websites]

Contact us for pricing and a free demonstration: 971-221-2566. You really have to see one of these PPT’s animated to fully appreciate it.

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