Where's the Magic?

If I could sell magical marketing wands that you could wave and produce more business I definitely would NOT be writing this blog post right now.  I’d be sipping a cocktail on my very own tropical island and basking in something more than Northwestern “liquid” sunshine.

I don’t think there’s a magical formula for escalating your business to the next level.  However, it really should NOT be that difficult, right? You simply need to learn who your audience is, find where their eyes & ears hang out most, and then put your products & services in front of them at the right time with your best possible message.  Simple, right?

OK, maybe there’s a LOT more to it but let’s make it even simpler. The equation for engaging more of your prospective audience is EXPOSURE + UNDERSTANDING.  If you achieve both of these you’ll get your business to the next level…if you have a viable product or service, that is. 


So, to provide further guidance, you should find a reliable messaging specialist to establish a more customer-centric way to tell your story and create an easy UNDERSTANDING of your business along with a good business development or marketing consultant to help you maximize the EXPOSURE of your message (and thus, your business).

Explainer videos are proving to be the best way of delivering your message and there are an abundance of ways these they can be used [see Gusto’s “21 Ways” document] to maximize your ROI.

If you’re looking for a cheap video there are thousands of options ranging from $500 to $50,000.  If you understand the value of messaging and want to make sure you do it right, check out TeamGusto.com

Thanks for reading.
Matt Adams
Founder - Gusto

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