Stick 2 Your Guns

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what Gusto can do to take our messaging & video marketing business to the next level.  Should we add other services?  Could we specialize in specific verticals? Perhaps doing something completely different and shaking up the industry with a marketing idea that came to me in a dream?

OK, it did cross my mind to hijack satellite & radio waves and somehow intertwine subliminal messages within those signals being directed to the consumers.  If that becomes something in the future…you heard it here first.  If not, you can blame it on my twisted mind and that Old Spice marketing team that has obviously had a influence on my brain and seems to find more bizarre ways to grab your attention and get you to talk about them every week.

OR, should we just dig in deeper and keep getting better at what we do?  I suppose if it’s not broken then don’t fix it, right?  If the needle is pointing in the right direction then follow that needle.  I tell clients this all the time but still have a tough time adhering to my own philosophy: BE PATIENT.  It’s OK if you’re not an overnight success.  Some businesses simply have to climb a steeper slope and allow your reputation to fill up your pipeline. 

One thing we do know: VIDEO IS HERE TO STAY!

If Mark Zuckerberg is onboard then that’s gotta mean something, right?: READ

Here’s another reputable resource I recently met (Kent Lewis) that has summarized a great deal of proof around marketing videos ARTICLE

Gusto is not changing anything.  We’re simply going to continue forging new partnerships and getting better at what we do: making kickass marketing and training videos. That may not be the most descriptive or professional way to say it but I get pretty fired up about doing things the right way, working with incredibly talented and fun people, and helping businesses take THEIR sales & marketing to the next level.  Through introspection often comes realization…that it’s still about YOU (the customer)...not me.

Sometimes you just have to think out loud to get there :)

Thanks for reading.

Matt Adams
Gusto - Founder

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