Behind The Scenes

If you want to grab your audience’s attention in a media-saturated world, your first job isn’t to sell them something. It’s to give them something that entertains, inspires, or informs. A reason to stop and care. And that requires a story. A spectacle. An emotional narrative that provides context and urgency.

And that’s Gusto’s specialty!

Gusto develops your story by starting at the ground floor with the curtains closed. Our creative team conducts a thorough interview to establish who your audience is, what motivates them, and what emotions trigger their reactions. Then we do extensive market research to see what your competition’s up to, what your audience sees when they search for your solutions or services, what approaches are working and which aren’t—all so we can deliver a lean, mean message that stands out in a crowd. 

A professional scriptwriter strategically crafts your narrative—choosing the most compelling hook, the right characters, and best scenes for getting your message across. Trimming it down to a 90-second story that hits the right notes and punches above its weight class. Then a tag team of designers and illustrators jump into the ring to throw down competing visual ideas until one prevails. It’s like a dystopian gladiator match of creative concepts. All before design or animation even begin. And all behind the scenes. To ensure that when the curtain is pulled back and your audience finally clicks play, your message delivers a knockout punch in the two minutes of attention you get. So you can raise your arms in the air and triumphantly proclaim:

Are you not entertained?!


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