THE PULSE: InfoGraphics are HOT!

Just like videos, InfoGraphics are climbing to the top of many savvy marketers’ priority lists as they see the value, experience the ease of explaining their value proposition and their ability to capture the attention of their prospective clients.

The reason for this increased value is directly correlated with the decrease in attention spans.  Yes, unfortunately our attention spans are getting shorter every day with the expectation of consuming more information faster.  As marketers, if our viewers are willing to spend LESS time engaging with marketing tools then we need to find more strategic ways to get our value proposition across quickly, keep their attention and entice them to learn more.


Here a just few reasons to consider InfoGraphics in your next marketing initiative:

1. Cost-effective solution
2. Visuals can be MUCH more attention grabbing than text if done correctly
3. You can fit a LOT of information into a single page with the right visual strategy
4. Information presented with strategic visuals resonate and are retained better
5. They’re great for generating & maintaining consistent sales message throughout the entire organization
6. The effective use of colors and design elements can tap into a wider range of emotions
7. Your message is communicated faster and more efficiently


There are many other positive reasons behind the use of InfoGraphics in today’s marketing environment but the most important thing to remember is that they’re working. 

Here are a few ways you might consider integrating InfoGraphics within your sales & marketing strategy:

1. Social Media
2. Email
3. Website
4. Sales Presentations
5. Trade Show Handout
6. Direct Mail
7. Training

Again, there are many other ways you could be using InfoGraphics but these should be enough to get your feet wet.  Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help extending the list of ways you can be reaching your clients.  We’re here to help!

Team Gusto


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