The Evolution of Exposure

Whether it’s fashion, technology, or human behavior, we all know that there comes a time when the baton has to be passed to a better way of doing things and that time is upon us again with digital marketing.  Remember when simply having a website made your business look innovative? Then you had to up your game when everyone else got a website…adding more intuitive navigation, better visual appeal, more experiential functionality, responsive design and more intelligent search engine optimization.

Videos have followed a similar trend over the years as well.  We used to be able to get away with assembling a few attractive images, splashing some text on the screen and then animating it to create a visual advertisement.  Just like websites in the early 90’s, if you had one it set you apart from your competition. 

Nowadays, you need to make sure that you’re paying attention (attention spans, attention grabbers, maintaining attention) to proven methodology and creative storytelling techniques in order to generate a “no-brainer” or “aw ha” moment if you intend to get your prospects to take that next step in your sales & marketing process.  It’s more of a formula than fancy design.

Most marketing is based on a simple equation of Exposure + Understanding = Action.  The “understanding” aspect of this equation is solidified by a strong messaging team that has a firm grasp of the storytelling methodology, awareness of these aforementioned trends, and ability to ask the right questions in order to formulate the best way to tell YOUR story. 

This leads me to my point of the next trend at our doorstep: The Exposure – how to get your best message IN FRONT of your prospective clients.

Well, there are all sorts of ways to use sales & marketing videos to engage your audience.  I’ve written about them in previous posts and even have a document called ’21 Ways’ that might help you kick start the idea train (you can request it via  However, if you look around it’s painfully obvious that we’re addicted to our mobile devices and sometimes find it difficult to come up for air to see, smell, hear the real world around us.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I have noticed it this in my travels around the world and I’m (admittedly) one of those people myself.  I even noticed it in the Northern jungles of Thailand…at an elephant sanctuary of all places. 

I’ll digress at this juncture and stick to the script…and get to my ultimate point.  A VAST majority of people are connected to their mobile devices with larger percentages of people browsing the internet from their devices every minute.  There’s even a significantly larger number of people that claim to be performing business transactions from their cell phones or mobile devices as well.  I know there are exceptions but if you’re trying to reach our audience then you should try to reach them where their eyeballs are looking most often, right?  I call that a no-brainer. 

Emails are still effective if you use the right verbiage and abide to proven methods.  However, communication via email is becoming more convoluted with the amount of SPAM, advertisements, and solicitations in most industries and is destined to follow the same trends as websites, videos…and many of the other trends I mentioned to kick of this post (fashion, technology, etc).  That’s not to say this isn’t an effective way of communicating and won’t reemerge somewhere down the road but technology doesn’t tend to be as cyclical as some of the fashion trends that eventually return to popularity. 

Technology is continuously evolving and getting better at allowing us to connect in much more sophisticated and sometimes efficient ways (mobile apps, social media, text, etc).  I’m not saying “effective” here as I’m still someone that believes in meeting people face to face, reading body language, and “connecting” with them on another level.  But, seeing as we’re social creatures that now have our faces buried in our devices, why not make that initial contact on your mobile device…via social media…or text…or whatever is right in front of their eyes, right?  We can only hope it’s not while they’re driving or endangering others.

Social Media is proving to be one of those effective ways to get in front of people and resides at the top of the list of engagement tools.  Just look at it from a personal level and how easy it is to meet people and get that first date…right from your mobile device.  Businesses are realizing that more and more every day with advertising in social media increasing significantly over the past few years.  It’s time to migrate this direction if you want to get that first date with a business and prove what you can do for them.  You might have to lift up your head and talk to someone in person for that second date but at least it’s gotten you that far to strut your stuff

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Matt Adams
Gusto LLC

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