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In a previous post I offered some ideas around a variety of ways you can use business videos to reach more people, engage them with a powerful message, and get more of your prospective audience to take that next step in your sales & marketing process. 

I’d like to break down those ideas a little further and provide more detailed insight to how we’ve helped companies all over the world to maximize their ROI.  Let’s start with discussing how to get more people to click on your explainer video link in your email.
It all starts with your subject line.  Without an effective subject line your email gets fewer views and immediately limits your audience.  There are a few basics to keep in mind when you’re constructing your subject line:

1. Grab attention – use words that are not “salesy” or spam-like that might stand out (this can be any of the below).
2. Build relevancy – use words that include your intentions of engaging your contact and lack any deception.
3. Personalize – add contact’s name or business name to subject line.
4. Inspire Action – use words that will create urgency and entice them to open your email.
1. Test It – use A/B testing to see which content gets the best reaction from your target audience.

*Suggested Length – 30 to 50 characters long

Once you’ve set the stage with your subject line and enticed your viewer to open the email, you can simply expand on the methodology you used in the subject line.  There are similar psychologies involved here but applied in a different order.

1. Personalize – use the persons first name to begin all emails and keep verbiage conversational.
2. Grab attention – early in the email is a good place to use words that make one take notice.
3. Build relevancy - include information that allows the contact to know this is something for them.
4. Inspire Action - let your intentions for a next step or desired action be known.

*Suggested Length – 2 to 3 short paragraphs (assuming your audience is not yet captive)

Every step in the email marketing process should be about elaborating or expanding on the step before it…leading from the simple to the sale.  Yeah, this is Just a catchy way of saying keep it simple and continue to provide helpful information and more detailed information as you guide your prospect deeper into your solution and the next steps of your sales & marketing process.

*Your ultimate goal is to get them to watch your business video and give them a better understanding of how you can help them.

As we continue to stress the details, don’t forget the importance of your signature line.  Here’s a checklist for making sure you get the most out of it:

1. Clean looking
2. Easy to read – pick a legible font size & type
3. Include multiple methods of contact (phone/email/website)
4. Include corporate video link (repetition isn’t a bad thing as long as you don’t over-do it)
5. Consistent branding

Another thing that might make your email campaigns more effective is placing them on a custom landing page to generate a stronger call-to-action where the viewer has the option to fill out a form, click on a website link, or pick up the phone to take immediate action. 

One last thing to remember when creating an effective email marketing campaign is a good email marketing software platform.  There are a variety of them out there depending on how many emails you intend to send, how many bells & whistles you truly need, how much you want to pay, and what type of emails you’ll be sending.  If you need recommendations, we have a lot of experience and some good insight to those that might fit your needs the best.

Thanks again for taking some time to check in with us…and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or want me to elaborate on any of these points.  I promise we’re a very low pressure organization and sincerely enjoy educating people around our world of video marketing.

Team Gusto

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