Videos – 21 Uses

The most important factor of video marketing is establishing a powerful message that resonates with your prospective audience.  However, what’s the point in having a marketing tool if you’re not using it effectively?
There are plenty of unique ways to put your video to good use.  Here are a few to get you started…

Send an email with a link to your video…just make sure it’s a link and not imbedded or attached to your email to maximize its viewing potential and minimize spam filtering.

Display it on your homepage and appropriate sub-pages to engage your audience quicker and more effectively and give your prospects a dynamic way to get to know you further.

Invite tradeshow attendees to visit your booth, loop it on a monitor to create instant brand & message recognition, play in viewing stations to draw prospects closer to a conversation with your sales people.

Arm everyone in your organization with a clear, compelling message they can deliver to prospects no matter what their position is…in an easy-to-send format…guaranteeing a consistent message on the front lines of your business.

Share your message in a short dynamic visual format and stand out among the other bloggers.

Sales Calls
Introduce information about your business in a concise visual format before, during or after a sales call to generate viral marketing that will reach the decision maker with the same powerful message.

Present your video to start off a 1-on-1 or group presentation to set the table with your value proposition.  This helps produce consistent understanding of your values & benefits that generates questions about your products and/or services.

Synchronize an integrated sales & marketing approach by tracking the activity of your email campaigns so you can follow up with telemarketing or sales reps accordingly.

Hand out your video on USB or CD to provide and easy-to-learn format without the need for internet access…at tradeshows, events, meetings, kiosks, etc.

Social Media
Place your video on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to generate better exposure & rapid understanding.

Signature Line
Insert a link to your video in all your employees’ signature lines. 

SEO & AdWords
A great way to boost your SEO rankings with relevant content and link to your banner ads & Ad Words while leading your audience with a strong call-to-action.

Direct Mail
Include a printed link to your video on direct mail pieces that leads them back to your website or landing page to watch your video and learn more.

Share your video link with potential partners to maintain a consistent message to their end clients and allow them to drive business for you.

Use your video link as an invite to webinars & seminars where you’ll be presenting to entice your audience to learn more about your products & services.

Press Releases
Promote the launch of new business or product/service offerings by placing your video within a Press Release to the media or directly to your prospective audience.

Include a link to your video within your monthly (or weekly) newsletter…that drives them to take action or to the next step in your sales & marketing process.

Vimeo & Youtube

Post your video link to Vimeo & YouTube to increase brand exposure on two of the largest video viewing platforms in the world.

International Marketing
Have your video translated into multiple languages to reach foreign markets and gain a broader reach that maximizes your potential for more business.

Seminars & Webinars
Play your video to kick off a seminar or webinar to establish a clear foundation of understanding that leads to a deeper educational experience or Q&A session.

Fund Raising
Look more professional and legitimate while presenting a persuasive message that helps you raise funds more easily for a new business, charity or philanthropic event. 

We hope these tips help.  However, don’t feel restricted by these ideas either.  Every business situation is unique.  We just want to help get that fire started. 

We’ll expand on each of these uses in more detail in our follow-up posts.  Keep an eye out for them or just give us call and we’d be pleased to elaborate.

Team Gusto

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