The Origin of Gusto

I didn’t know where to start my first blog ever.  Yeah, that’s right.  After more than 15 years of working in the sales & marketing world I never indulged in blogging.  It’s about time, right?

Well, I figured a good place to start might be right at the foundation.  For over a decade our messages have been getting more and more compressed due to attention spans getting shorter and shorter…seemingly by the day.  However, I’m going to use this forum to expand on the depths of Gusto and the origin of our inspiration…rather than trying to condense it this time around.

Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems that blogs are in a way the opposite of videos we produce: an opportunity to expand on ideas rather than collecting everything we learn about a business and distill that into a short, concise, powerful message.  Perhaps that’s my ignorance…or maybe a virgin blogger’s epiphany.

From helping small mom & pop businesses struggling to be taken more seriously to Fortune 500 companies looking for a more innovative approach to their marketing, I’ve had the opportunity to hear a LOT of unique value propositions over the years.  The best part has been learning about such a vast array of products & services from a seller’s perspective, observing their passion, and recognizing the value they provide to their customers.

On top of that, it was incredibly rewarding to gain their trust and address their challenges by working with our team to figure out ways to simplify a complex concept, make a commodity type business a bit sexier, or help introduce an exciting new product or service to the world.

When I set out to create a new path, it wasn’t immediately obvious which direction my entrepreneurial mind would take me.  However, after watching the chips fall and being approached by some of the most respected marketing and creative minds that I know, doing what I know best became an easy decision.

Gusto’s inspiration comes from a talented group of messaging specialists, consultants, designers, animators, and project managers coming together from a bond of trust, respect, and love for using our skills help others find success.  It might be simpler to say “we make powerful business videos” but I was told the intention of blogging is to expand on what we know, right? 

I’m new to this, but hope to use this forum to share much more about how we’ve helped so many businesses over the years find a more effective way to reach your audience with business videos that utilize proven methodologies and creative story telling techniques.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about The Origin of Gusto.

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